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Upload the zip to your blesta root normally /home/username/public_html/, then extract the zip.

Go to /home/username/public_html/plugins/blesta_forums/license.php and put your license key in.

Head over to the settings page on Blesta: Settings > Company > Plugins then hit "Install" on the BlestaForums plugin.

Create Categories

In the admin are go to Forums > Categories > [+] then fill in the form.

Create Forums

In the admin are go to Forums > Forums > [+] then fill in the form.

Staff Permissions

In the admin are go to Forums > Users > Client row [edit] then fill in the form.

You can then edit the staff ID field with the staff ID to get that you can go to: Settings > System > Staff > Edit
The ID at the end of the url is the staff users Staff ID.
You can see it like so: https://yourdomain.com/admin/settings/system/staff/edit/1/

User Profiles

User profiles which can be customised by the user (user title, avatar, username, social networks).

If a user is a staff member then their full name and role show up as-well.

Staff members can see the status of the client account and soon to be services / tickets.

Theming portfolio

Our customers have done integrated their Blesta into their design and it fills in well with the Forums... Why not make yours today?


You can view our task board and changlogs here.



  • Create Plugin core.
  • Create Categories (Groups).
  • Create Forums.
  • Create Threads.
  • Create Posts / comments.
  • Allow Admins to delete threads.
  • Save the threads / posts counts.
  • Allow clients to create accounts.
  • Add Social Links.
  • Latest threads on forum index.
  • Ability to lock threads.
  • Last post on the forums index.
  • Create members list.



  • Contacts bug (Contacts show up on the admin users table for each client).
  • Forums content wasn't closed.
  • Fix all the countries flags.

Files changed:

  • /views/forum.pdt
  • /views/index.pdt
  • /views/thread.pdt
  • /views/admin_users.pdt
  • /controllers/forum.php
  • /controllers/thread.php
  • /controllers/main.php
  • /models/forums_threads.php
  • /models/forums_functions.php